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How well do you work with money? Do you struggle to keep within the limits of your budget? Or are you perhaps looking for a new and better way to earn a living? Today's guest, Amanda Steinberg, is the founder of Daily Worth.com. and she also has a brand new book out, called Worth It, which is all about money- her relationship with money, how to deal with money, her own personal journeys with money, all really fascinating and inspiring stuff. So, if wealth, financial planning, budgeting, or even the thought of making more money is something that's on your mind, you definitely want to listen to this!  


As you know, Alex loves to talk about current events and how politics impacts on our feminine  lives.  Well, there really seems to be too much going on right now, to keep on top of it all. The closing of so many Planned Parenthood clinics is  like a plague sweeping across America at the moment. Did you know that the only abortion clinic in Kentucky is in danger of closing? That's something that's affecting the lives of millions of women and their ability to be healthy and to choose the direction of their own lives. As there is so much going on, Alex is encouraging you to go and listen to one of her favorite podcasts, called Hellbent. Hellbent is a twice a week, feminist politics podcast,  which goes into all the details of the stuff that Alex gives you the broader strokes on. So, go and check it out- it's really awesome! 


With all of this going on, Alex has decided to talk about something good, today. It's so easy to focus on what's scary, or annoying, or exhausting, or even infuriating, but right now, we'll talk about gratitude, which is a really powerful, positive psychology tool. Alex wants our tribe to share some good things, so she starts off by reading some of them to you now, written by some of the members of Her Rules Radio Facebook Group, where there are currently over seventeen hundred women sharing about their lives! Listen in and become inspired by the really heartfelt gratitude messages that they have shared. 

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How do you decide that you are beautiful? What can you do in your life that makes you feel beautiful? These days, we are getting so many mixed signals about what makes a woman beautiful. Unfortunately, women’s bodies are now in the middle of a political debate. The men in power, including our President, speak about women as if we are nothing more than our bodies. This week, let’s break Beauty down into the myth that it is. Let’s take back the conversation and do something that brings the power back in our hands!  

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Do you have, or have you had some issues with your nether regions? If so, today's episode is super important for you, as well as for all the other ladies out there, as Alex talks to Dr. Anna Cabeca about all things vulva health and offers you some real deal education on the subject. Listen in to learn some really important information about this often neglected subject.

Although your vulva may not really be a part of your body that you've given a lot of attention to, on today's show Alex goes into a number of pretty personal details about some issues that she's been having, that a lot of ladies also tend to have, with the dryness, the incontinence and the pain. Today's episode deals with your sexual and your hormonal health and Alex and Dr. Cabeca, who's been a woman's hormonal expert for years, talk about the stuff that tends to happen as you get older- and, quite interestingly, the stuff that seems to be happening to younger and younger women today. Today, they talk about what you can do to heal it and how to avoid it and get healthy and they will also be talking about the spiritual aspects of all of this. Listen in now, to hear this really great interview, where Dr. Cabeca and Alex discuss the foundations of what it means to be a happy, healthy woman, who is satisfied in her body. 

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Do you find yourself living in a way that someone else thinks you should? Does this fly in the face of the way you would actually live, without this kind of influence? If so, you're not alone and you will really gain a lot from today's show, which is all about how women can- and really need to- start living life by our own rules, in every aspect. It's about throwing off the 'shoulds' and learning to live your life in the way that you would choose to. Listen in today, as Alex helps you to discover your own way forward.


Today, Alex shares a very heartfelt and personal story about her experience with a client, Michelle. They were talking about Michelle's body, which in her private session with Alex, Michelle described as being built like a brick sh*t house. This prompted Alex to point out to her that the words that we use really do have power. When we use phrases and words to describe ourselves, those words and phrases actually become our reality and our world and we keep ourselves stuck there. So, it's time to flip these old worlds into something else. You need to learn, when stumbling across old, limiting beliefs, to reconstruct them with love and care, so as not to scare the life out of your brain! Alex cautions you, however, that if you try to make these changes too big, or too fast, your lizard brain could rear up and start fighting you, to keep your old thoughts in place, so you really have to start small, in order to make the changes long lasting


The new thought that Michelle agreed to try on in her daily life, was “I am strong, capable and I deserve the self-care that I desire.” Yet, for Alex, after ending the call, something still felt off... Then she realized that it was her own lizard brain, eating into her power and her ego and it had some really nasty things to say about her body, on a very regular basis. Although Alex acknowledges the privileges that she enjoys, being a white woman, relatively thin and quite tall, she still goes through her own struggles and pain with her body, as do all of us, because we've all been raised as women, to be judged by our bodies! So, she began to work on flipping her old beliefs about her body and turning them into manageable, self-loving affirmations. This felt good, but the imperfections became meaner and more difficult to acknowledge. Alex still persevered with taking her power back and she really encourages you to do the same, because it's really necessary and it's worth it! You really do need to rewrite the story around your beliefs about your body- now, and show up in the world centered, graceful, and wise!  


Today, Alex will be interviewing Dr. Srini Pillay, a Harvard Neuroscientist and Coach, about his brand new and really inspiring book, Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try, which has just been nominated one of the fifty must reads by Coastal Living, for the second time. It's a beautiful exploration of creativity and what we think about being productive and how we're overworking ourselves to get more done, but it's really not working. It's about how our creativity really comes out of a space of spaciousness and doodling, in many ways. Listen in today, to get some of Dr. Pillay's really awesome tools to help you to get unstuck, keep moving forward and live by your own rules.

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