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A few days ago I was attacked by a Doctor on my Facebook feed. He suggested that his profession was more credible than mine because he had “data”. The medical profession has a weakness and it is terrible at promoting health and self-love. 

The medical profession draws broad conclusions, and many times their conclusions are not what everyday people experience. My passion is all about helping you test and find what works for you. We need to know so many things about our bodies and how it reacts and responds to stress and life in general. I teach The Cravings Cleanse as part of helping you understand what works with your body. Go to cravingscleanse.com and find a new way to get intuitive and personal data about yourself.

Today we are talking about a different kind of love. Terri Cole is today’s guest. She’s the Founder of The Real Love Revolution. She’s a Psychotherapist and has worked with high-profile celebrities, CEO’s and thousands of people each week through her Hello Freedom Podcast.


You can join The Real Love Revolution at Bit.ly/herrulesreallove


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