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Welcome back to Her Rules Radio! Today I’m talking with Melanie VanOrden! She is a community organizer of ex-Mormons in New York City. We are going to be talking about the effects of religion on the relationship with our female bodies. We will be talking about purity, culture, the benevolent patriarchy and what that is! 

Some of you have been emailing me and pinging me on Facebook etc. You have been asking me about the manifesto that I read in the first episode of the show. Guess what? We are making it! It’s going to be free as a download so you can print it out or as a screensaver. It has incredibly inspiring, motivating sayings that are really driven from the show and what we are all about. Playful women are happy women and happy women are healthy women. 

We know it’s true because we are the women that make a difference in the world. We are rulers of our own lives! If you are here listening, you are a ruler. Very soon in the next couple of weeks, we are going to be having new supplement bundles for women who want to wake up happy, get back in track in the afternoons in our busy lives and for women who have a peaceful night time ritual. We will also be opening up vitality mentor applications soon! This is my small group, 20 women that meets in person and virtually for 9 months. My version of a mastermind. You get one on one time with me and be part of an incredible group.

You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/125

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Have you ever wondered how women really compare to men, when it comes to running a successful business? On today's show, Alex talks about how women in business tend to be under-valued, yet over over-perform. She quotes Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank, who substantiates this. She gives statistics to demonstrate how more and more women, across the social spectrum in the USA, own businesses today and how this number has dramatically increased since 2007. Alex points out that when women make more money, they're more in control of their lives, health, and choices and due to this, everyone around them benefits.

The guest on today's show is a great example of this. She is Ariel Hyatt, who as a 24-year-old entrepreneur twenty years ago, founded Cyber PR. About ten years ago, Ariel, a seasoned speaker who promotes music groups and bands, as well as advising clients on crowd funding campaigns, decided to put her money where her mouth is and crowd fund a campaign of her own. She wrote a book that documents the lessons learned and the stress endured during her campaign, which raised over $60 000. Ariel's book, Crowd Start, is a step by step and a day by day guide on how to launch a crowd funding campaign. Perhaps you too, through crowd funding, could build something beautiful and put money together that could help you, your family and your whole community.

You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/124

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A few days ago I was attacked by a Doctor on my Facebook feed. He suggested that his profession was more credible than mine because he had “data”. The medical profession has a weakness and it is terrible at promoting health and self-love. 

The medical profession draws broad conclusions, and many times their conclusions are not what everyday people experience. My passion is all about helping you test and find what works for you. We need to know so many things about our bodies and how it reacts and responds to stress and life in general. I teach The Cravings Cleanse as part of helping you understand what works with your body. Go to cravingscleanse.com and find a new way to get intuitive and personal data about yourself.

Today we are talking about a different kind of love. Terri Cole is today’s guest. She’s the Founder of The Real Love Revolution. She’s a Psychotherapist and has worked with high-profile celebrities, CEO’s and thousands of people each week through her Hello Freedom Podcast.


You can join The Real Love Revolution at Bit.ly/herrulesreallove


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Have you tried all sorts of weight loss plans, with little or no results? Would you love to find a permanent way to keep yourself from gaining unnecessary weight? If so, join Alexandra Jamieson, host of Her Rules Radio, as she explains how you can add the Five Missing Pieces to your diet, so that you can lose weight without stress and keep it off.

Today, Alex shares her own painful journey of transformation, which started six years ago with the shattering of her celebrity marriage. In her raw and vulnerable state, she began craving, then eating meat again, after being a 'professional vegan' for more than ten years. This forced her to dig deeply into herself and to discover that she had both grit and grace, even amidst turmoil. She found that she had a tribe and this helped her to believe in herself once more. She has subsequently been playing life by her own rules. She considers herself a Divine Work in Progress and she urges you to see yourself in the same way.


You can read the full show notes and join Alex for the Cravings Cleanse at www.alexandrajamieson.com

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