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Welcome to Her Rules Radio! The Crave Cast, which I have been broadcasting and podcasting under for the past two years will now forever be known as Her Rules Radio, where women go to get the support and inspiration to make life by their own rules. This means we won’t be playing by their rules anymore. We won’t be trying to be good girls all the time. We must shake off the cultural beauty standards, the rules about food, relationships, and living that keep us stuck and afraid of change. The world needs more happy, strong, independent women who love themselves.

I took a big step in transforming The Crave Cast to Her Rules Radio and it’s a little scary. We have grown into an incredible community here and in our free Facebook group but it was time to change. I was afraid that I would lose some of my listeners by making this change and slightly the direction of the podcast. But being afraid of change is keeping so many of us stuck. Her Rules Radio is about creating the life you love, feeling great in your body, feeling great about yourself in your unique way. Here is the manifesto of Her Rules Radio, we are the playfully proud women who say yes, we love our bodies just the way we are. We are the women who know how to have fun and we don’t apologize for going after it. 

Just to give you a bit of a sneak peek, I am hosting a live open house of my brand-new website this week December 29, 2016. If you are around and want to hang out with me I can show you around the new website. Then on Saturday, December 31,2016, New Year’s Eve I am hosting a live two-hour in-person workshop for only 20 women and several of those seats are already gone! This is the best future self-workshop that I taught last year. On January, the 1st I will be hosting that same workshop live as a webinar. More exciting news, the cravings cleanse is now open! By the way, if you subscribed to The Crave Cast you are automatically subscribed to Her Rules Radio. 


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This is milestone episode for The Crave Cast. It is our final episode as The Crave Cast and when we come back next week, we will be the all new Her Rules Radio! It's an exciting time for us! The show format and content will remain the same and we will still be talking about the same issues, but Her Rules Radio will be the direction of our future.

Listen to this final episode, as we talk to Jen Mazer about manifesting everything you want in life. It's a double win today because we also have psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo with us to talk about our inner critic and everything else under the sun!



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Welcome to the soon-to-be-renamed Crave Cast. We will shortly be called Her Rules Radio, so look for that coming soon. This weekend I gave a lecture at a conference here in NYC. I was talking about what cravings mean to the female athlete, and how to deal with it. I started off my talk by saying that we can’t talk about any aspect of Women’s Health if don’t acknowledge that being a woman does not feel safe in our society. It’s true, and until we begin to get our arms around all the reasons we don’t feel safe, then it’s useless to talk about Women’s Health and Well-being. 


We live in a patriarchy and it affects us on a bio-chemical level. If you are struggling with any body issues, examine how you may have suffered or been the victim of abuse, and get to the root of the problem. Being a woman has a tremendous effect on your relationship with your food and your body. So, go over to alexandrjamieson.com and check out all the resources I have for you there.


Today’s guest is Briana Borten. Briana and her husband, Dr. Peter Borten wrote a book called, The Well Life. It comes out this week. They have brick and mortar spa businesses and they wrote a beautiful book about how to live a peaceful life. Stay tuned all the way to the end to get all the best tips and information.

You can join us on Facebook in our private group at bit.ly/wfdgroup

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