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Welcome back to the crave cast and to episode 112! We have a couple of great guests today. First we will chat with Melissa Ramos, women’s health expert from Canada. Melissa focuses on Chinese nutrition therapy and owner of “Sexy Food Therapy Inc”. She helps women feel sexy from the inside out focusing on digestion and hormone imbalances. We are going to talk about the disturbing trend that is effecting millions of people in America, prescription drug addiction. It’s shocking how many people are using and abusing opioids these days. We need to address the root causes of the addiction. Melissa and I will go into the disconnection with community, lack of support and the overwhelming stress in people’s lives. 

Then I will have on Dr. Anna Cabeca, a good friend and hormonal expert. Anna is a board certified OBGYN and a regenerative antiaging medicine expert. She is the creator of “Magical Menopause” as well as “Mighty Maca Greens”. We are going to talk about my new favorite product, her one of a kind Julva cream. I cannot tell you enough good things about this product for our delicate female parts. There may be some words or topics that you don’t want younger kids to hear so you may want to pause and scoot them out the door or put in your headphones.


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Welcome back my Clan of the Crave Bears! Today’s guest, Jonathan Fields is a wonderful man! I met him through my husband several years ago. When I first met him I didn’t know what a big deal he was. He has written several books, bought and sold several businesses and now he has written a new book called “How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science and Practical Wisdom”. You might be thinking “seriously another book about how to live a good life?” but so many people are living this life so disconnected, disengaged, dissatisfied and stuck. Whatever is out there isn’t getting through. 

Jonathan’s book “How to Live a Good Life” is your antidote! You can test it out with your own personal experiences. It’s drawn from the intersection of science and spirituality and Jonathan’s own years-long quest. This book offers a simple and powerful model, good life buckets. You spend thirty days filling your buckets and reclaiming your life. “How to Live a Good Life” is not just a book to be read. It’s a path to possibilities to be walked and lived!

You can read the full show notes and access all the links and resources at wwww.alexandrajamieson.com/111

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Today we are going to be talking about women’s worth, women’s health and women’s financial being. It’s important to have a handle on all of these things. But first I want to talk about Donald Trump, pussy gate and what happened when that tape was released when Billy Bush and Donald Trump were talking about women’s bodies. I think pussy gate is a good thing. Why? Because it’s getting this conversation out of the shadows and into the open. We need to talk about how we talk about women’s bodies. I don’t have a problem with the word pussy. In fact, you can go back two episodes and listen to my interview with Regena Thomashauer and hear about her book “Pussy: A Reclamation.”

 We need to reclaim our bodies! Your body is your own and you don’t have to put up with someone bigger or stronger than you doing things you don’t like. The word pussy was not what is so offensive. It’s women being abused, touched etc. and that this is looked upon as a joke. This leads to body shaming, women feeling like something is wrong with them if something is being said about them. This abusive rape culture that we live in has a real effect on women’s lives! When we don’t feel worthy in our bodies we don’t feel worthy to ask for that raise or promotion. When someone else more powerful takes advantage of us physically, we feel inferior and therefore we may not feel capable of understanding finance. So what happened last week with Trump and Billy Bush was disgusting. We need to take advantage of it and talk about this.

The interview we have today takes this one step further. We are going to talk about how this body shaming, sexual culture and how is it having a real dollars and cents effect on women’s income. I am going to be interviewing my dear friend Belinda Rosenbaum. We have known each other for years. Belinda is the CEO of a company called “OwnYourMoney.com.” There are a lot of money experts out there but Belinda is different. She doesn’t just give you money tactics she helps you with the inner game.

You can read the full show notes and access all the links and resources at www.alexandrajamieson.com/110

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