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On today’s show we will be talking about the pill, actually, a book called “Sweetening the Pill” by Holy Grigg-Spall. In the interview, Holly and I talk about my experience with birth control and how scary it was. The reason I want to talk about this today is because millions of healthy women take a powerful drug every day, from mid-teens to menopause. Few know the effects or potential side effects. 

Contrary to cultural myth, birth control pills impact every organ and function of the body and yet most women don’t even think of it as a drug. Depression, anxiety, rage, panic attacks, are just a few of the effects of being on the pill. When the pill was first released, it was thought that women would not submit to taking a medication when they weren’t sick. Now the pill is making women sick! Holly Grigg-Spall’s book that we are going to talk about has inspired a documentary! Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, the producers of “The Business of Being Born” are producing a new documentary, and Holly is the consulting producer and writer. This is a great book and great interview. If you are on birth control pills or any other hormonal birth control, you will definitely want to listen to this episode!


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Hello my Clan of the Crave Bears! Today’s show is going to be super juicy. There are going to be some naughty words so if you have any little bunnies you might want to listen to this episode when they are not around. I am interviewing Mama Gena also known as Regena Thomashauer! Regena is the founder of The School of Womanly Arts. 

The final live Cravings Cleanse kicks off this week! There is still time to join! There are two classes a week and you can call in either one or both days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Class number one is on Thursday September 22nd! I have a special discount just for listeners: crave50 and get $50 off the cleanse. You can still get in January but it will be a play at home version.

I wanted to have Mama Gena on the show because I know a lot of women struggle with how to trust ourselves and how to trust our bodies. How do you do this? Mama Gena has been exploring female desire, pleasure and power for over 20 years. I believe her interview and book are going to set the world on fire! She started The School of Womanly Arts in her living room in 1998 and has since then grown it into a global movement. Regena believes that women are the greatest, untapped natural resource on the planet. She teaches us (them) to turn on our innate feminine power and create the life they love. Her approach comes from decades of research in the social, cultural and economic history of women. In addition to being the leader at The School of Womanly Arts she is an author of 4 books.

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Welcome back to the Crave Cast! Today I will be talking about the 3 mindset tricks for any cleanse or detox, diet, exercise etc. Mindset is everything! That’s why I fell in love with positive psychology. A funny example of this comes from my kid from this past weekend. My husband and I decided that we love musicals so much that we wanted to show my kid. We started with “Chorus Line”. My kid fell in love with this, especially the number where there is acrobatics. My son decided he needed to start working out to be like the actor/dancer he saw in that number. He did a lot of push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises on Saturday. On Sunday, he came to me and told me that when he exercises that it makes his stomach hurt. I explained to him that this is normal and that sometimes you will be sore to get what you really want in life. This was a great mindset moment for us! Also, I have a special announcement so make sure you take note!

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Welcome back to The Crave Cast my Clan of the Crave Bears and welcome any new listeners from iHeart Radio! So honored to be added to iHeart Radio. I want to make sure everyone knows two of the greatest things that are going on in my world. I created this three-part series all about cravings: bacterial, nutritional, emotional and physical with some positive psychology sprinkled into the mix. That is up this week until September 9th! Go watch those at bit.ly/3cravevideos and you can also find them at cravecastpod.com. On the 10th the cravings cleanse is opening its doors! This is an 8-week program and I give you live coaching sessions for 8 weeks to help you with your healing and just a delicious cleanse. We are going to be drinking green smoothies and eating real food and I will be there for you twice a week! You can go to cravingscleanse.com on September 10th!

We have our winner for the August swag bag, Stephanie Cahill! I’m so excited to send this enormous box of goodies to you! On top of all the wonderful gifts, you get the special bonus gift from guest author Nancy Lavigne, her book Worthy! You get to join her Worthy program which is worth over 700 dollars!

Up next we have our two listener questions about adulting (not adultery) and cravings. Make sure you stay tuned all the way until the end because these questions are great!

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