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Welcome my Clan of the Crave Bears! Today we are talking about confidence, putting our best face forward, and the pressure on women to look as young as possible. Dr. Anthony Youn is our guest today, and I’ll be honest, I have struggled with whether to bring you this show or not. Do I really want to encourage plastic surgery? Dr. Youn is a leading plastic surgeon, and I happened to read his book and I agreed with about 98% of the book. It’s called The Age Fix and it is really good. He talks about how to feed yourself so that your skin looks and feels great. He shares so many non-surgery options and I completely agree with that.


He became interested in plastic surgery because he had an overgrowth of his chin, and he actually had plastic surgery to correct it as a young man. His experience with plastic surgery has shaped his career. I think you will enjoy this episode. I will say that he did make a comment about antibiotics in the episode and I probably wouldn’t take antibiotics. But that’s the only thing I didn’t agree with him.


I also got married last weekend! We had about 120 people there in the park to bless us for our wedding. It was such a lovely time! There are so many psychological benefits of witnessing the rites of passage, and the blessing of each other. You actually release oxytocin and this is a very healthy thing for each of us. It creates a community when you bring people together around a rite of passage event! I was in awe and cried the entire time. It was beautiful. I was thrilled to be able to introduce my friends to each other! Seeing them appreciate each other was good for my soul.


Since we are talking about skin today, I wanted to remind you that I have a special deal for you with AnnMarie Gianni Skin Care - my favorite skincare products. This offer expires June 7th. The products are luxurious and safe and simply yummy! It’s endorsed by health experts and I think you will love their products. Cruelty free, organic, non-GMO - you can’t get more safe and ethical than these products.


Here’s the deal:


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  • If you are one of the first 100, you also get a free travel size Neroli Hydrating Mist




Next week, we are talking about bone health and how to strengthen your marrow! Don’t miss it!

You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/89


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Welcome back my Clan of the Crave Bears! I'm getting married next week! Yes, I am. We just wanted something low-key and stress-free, so we are getting married at the park a couple blocks from home and then walking to our favorite neighborhood restaurant for our favorite meal - brunch! It's an exciting time and we just really want it to be a special time with our family and friends.

This past weekend I went to a couple of seminars for my own benefit and wow, was it intense! I had a family constellations workshop, with really allowed me to connect with my family lineage and work through emotions and habits, and it was very nice. Then it was off to a Tantric Yoga class, which was definitely more intense, but a great way to spend a Sunday.

 I wanted to talk with you about two things today, I’ve  got a great interview with my dear friend: Dr. Anna Cabeca coming up, ah, Dr. Anna is an amazing hormone expert, I’m so thrilled to have her on the show, but she’s also kinda on my board of advisors, I meet with her and also a couple of other women, and couple times a month we do a Skype date and we talk about our businesses and how we can support each other, and I’m always learning so much from her, so be sure to stay tuned through the end, cause we’re gonna be talking about menopause and hormones and even if you’re not in menopause or pre or peri-menopause, what you can be doing now, so that your hormones are balanced, so that you feel good, so that you can get rid of your brain fog, huge, huge topic so stay through to the end with my interview with Dr. Anna Cabeca.

You can catch the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/88.


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Welcome to episode 87. Just had my Mothers’ Day celebration!   It’s May in New York City! I was teaching at a retreat from Friday and Saturday and came back early morning to be with family. Cooked pancakes with the kids and had breakfast, played video games together. Went out to get my acupuncture – one of my favorite and absolutely necessary healthcare habits. I go at least once a week, pay $30. Then woke up from my needle nap to have tea with a dear girlfriend. We had some nice iced beverage. I bought healthy snacks and stuffed them in my bag and then went to  the movie theatre to meet my kids.  I usually take my organic popcorn. If the theatre had healthy snacks, I’d buy them.  We went and saw The Avengers, Captain America, Captain Marvel. I’m a big Marvel comics fan.  It was fun! I had some alone time, some friend time, and some kid time.  

You can listen to the episode and read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/87

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Welcome! It’s Mama Mojo Month! It’s May, so we are focused on Mamas and all the things that we can do to take care of them. From menu’s and cooking strategies, we have it all for Moms. So on the home front, I took a solo vacation last weekend. I went to Sag Harbor and have a wonderful weekend. My husband, Bob was so supportive of me taking this time to recharge. Did I mention that Dirty Dancing is the best movie ever! It was awesome all over again. So it was a great weekend, and I feel great after taking a little time for myself!


We have 2 guests on today’s show. Amy Smith, author of Stand Up for Yourself Without Being a Dick! And we have LeAnne Ely to give us some tips on cooking and making wonderful, healthy food and nourishing your body and soul.

You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/86

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