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On today’s show we are going to talk about a very special form of movement that address our root cravings for movement. I talk about the four root causes of our cravings, what we want, how we relate to food and our bodies. That is bacterial, nutritional, emotional and physical. I’m going to be talking to Rochelle Schieck, the founder of Qoya dance. Qoya dance is a freeform, feminine dance class. I took my first dance class last summer with one of my friends. I invited some lady friends over and we had a dance class up on my roof deck which was so cool, under the moon and the sun was going down. It was so fun! It was this totally freeform, emotional, liberating, grounding, incredible movement experience! It reminded me of how much our bodies want to move and need to move for us to feel good.

We really do crave movement! Sadly, most of us have an f’ed up relationship with exercise and movement because it’s something we should do. We live in this masculine mindset about exercise that we should power through or push ourselves. Unfortunately, this can lead to total burnout! Movement has such an impact on our mood and well-being. I know you want to feel good in your body at every age and at every size. It’s hard to motivate yourself to exercise in a painful or boring way. Your body and soul really crave experience that’s filled with play and fun and intention and leaves you enlivened and not depleted.

In our interview, Rochelle is an author of a brand new book called “Qoya: a compass for navigating an embodied life that is wise, wild and free”. Rochelle loves to move. She started dancing as a little girl growing up in Minnesota until she moved on to her hero’s journey to her calling and her love of movement and her willing to explore compelled her to spend fifteen years exploring the world. As a teacher and a student all over the world she began instructing yoga styles for all ages and abilities, different dance modalities and in the last ten years she has led over 4000 movement classes! She has facilitated hundreds of private sessions and takes women on over twenty retreats on six continents. Not Antarctica yet! Her passion to explore the emerging essence of the feminine in her own life, then in movement coupled with her experience as a personal trainer, massage therapist, energy healer has all influenced her creation of this movement system: Qoya.

You can read the full show notes here.

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Today on the show I am going to be talking about chewing your food with Robyn Youkillis! Robyn wrote this amazing book called, Go with your Gut, that is half cookbook with vegan and paleo recipes and talks about the connection between your gut and your “gut instinct”. Most people don’t realize that they are not in the moment when they are eating so they just keep eating and eating. Robyn explains that if you just take time to look at what you’re eating, breathe and chew your food until its mush your digestive system or “gut” will be much happier.

At a young age she struggled and had an unhealthy outlook on food. She saw her mother hide food from her dad and then saw her dad sneaking food.  She talks about her ups and downs, “good and bad rollercoaster” journey. She went from eating less junk and losing weight to eating out of boredom and eating the wrong things. She attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and really spent a few years after graduation really trying different healthy foods and trying to find what worked for her in changing her relationship with food.

Listen to the episode and read the full show notes here.

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Hello my clan of the crave bears! It’s Alex here with episode number 72! In today’s episode I want to talk about the feeling of overwhelm that I have been experiencing, many of my friends and so many of you my readers and listeners been dealing with. It comes with frustration and anxiety this overwhelm. We are just at the beginning of month two on 2016 and so many people have come to me saying they are so anxious, so stressed out. How is this possible? I am supposed to feel rejuvenated at the beginning of the year. How do I deal with this? Today’s episode is for you if you are dealing with stress, anxiety, overwhelm. 

My guest today is a dear friend: Pedram Shojai the founder of well.org, editor of Be More magazine (that I have appeared in) and is the author of “Rise and Shine” and co-host of the podcast, The Health Bridge, and producer of the movie “Vitality” and the upcoming film “Origins”. Pedram wrote a book that is coming out this week called “The Urban Monk: Eastern wisdom and modern hacks to stop time and find happiness, success and peace”. Pedram has a very interesting life story.

He is trained as a chiropractor, he is also a Taoist priest, a doctor of oriental medicine, he studied kung Fu. He is a fierce global green warrior! He just has all these incredible old school, Jedi, bio hacking tricks. So he really brings together eastern wisdom and modern bio hacking. We will talk about how Pedram sees my theory about the four roots causes of cravings and his perspectives as an eastern, medical expert. And then lastly his book “The Urban Monk” talks about a way to simply and effortlessly integrate the powerful teachings of spiritual masters to modern life. This is not about religion at all! It’s about a connection to spirit! You can get his book this week. It’s destined to be a bestseller! You can go to bit.ly/urbanmonkalex.


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