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Today’s show is all about pleasure and pleasure impact on our body, on our energy and on our metabolism. We are raised in this culture to think that pleasure is bad or suspect. Or anything that is pleasurable must be wrong for us or that you only deserve pleasure when we reach a goal. Pleasure is something that we allow ourselves when we are good enough in some way. But usually that “good enough” is based on somebody else’s metrics. Somebody else’s idea of what we should be like. It’s rarely based on just pure pleasure. The pleasure of being alive. Well I have some science and a great interview to shed a different light on pleasure and that pleasure maybe for its own sake may be good and honorable and it maybe the path to health, the path to a new relationship with your body and with food. 

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Hey my clan of the crave bears! How are your cravings? How is your life? It’s January 2016! This is episode 71 and I am so excited to introduce you to my special guest Debra Rapoport. One of the beautiful women profiled in the incredible documentary “Advance Style”. I am going to be talking to Debra about aging, vitality, personal style and how she has partially created this international movement “Advanced Style”. Not only is she an incredible healer she is an amazing artist!

I have been prescribing the movie she was featured in, “Advanced Style” in my cravings cleanse and mindset makeover program, which starts at the end of January. We start on January 27th. It’s a two-month live coaching program with me and a growing group of some awesome ladies and a couple cool dudes who are interested, curious, ready, dedicated to looking at their cravings and desires, and finding a new way with food and their body. You can go look at more info, decide if its right for you, and sign up at cravingscleanse.com. It is the bee’s knees! It’s my favorite program, I love teaching it! And I encourage during the program to watch this movie “Advanced Style” because this movie is about women over the age of “young and sexy” and how they exhibit themselves, their style and their bodies.

Debra was one of the featured women in this film. She has taught at University of California, Davis, New York University, Museum of Modern Art where she currently teaches how to create your own style and how to create your own clothes, accessories and really into working with found material. She works with a lot of recycled materials. She’ll make hats and bracelets out of toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. She is really into transcending fashion into personal style which reveals your individual strengths. Now you know I love that, because I love to talk about positive psychology and strengths. You can go check out her website at vivalehat.com.

In our interview you will hear her talk about importance for her and how personal style is healing. She believes that the act of creatively adorning yourself is very personal and its very healing and helps us be honest with ourselves and about ourselves.  She has such a beautiful take on health as you age. And I got to tell you now that I have watched the movie a couple of times now and hanging out with Debra over the years I’m not afraid of aging. I want to take care of myself while still having fun but I’m not scared of aging out anymore. I cannot recommend this enough to go check out Debra’s website vivalehat, go check out the movie “Advanced Style”. Watch it with the ones you love!


“The human brain and the human body learn best while playing”. - Debra Rapoport


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70 The Cravings Cleanse: A Mindset Makeover


The "diet gurus" don't help you love or understand your body, your cravings, your habits, or help you feel better about YOU." - Alexandra Jamieson

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"If there was a drug that did the things that sugar does, it would be outlawed"- JJ Virgin

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