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28 Fifty Shades of Body Shame

"Anything that you resist persists and ends up on your dinner plate." Alexandra Jamieson.

Find out all about what your cravings and sexual desires are telling you at http://alexandrajamieson.com/podcasts

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27 Carin Rockind - Uncovering your Passions & Strengths To Discover Your Life Purpose

"Being able to find your core wisdom in every trauma & trial is the truth of your purpose." Carin Rockind.

Learn all about your cravings and this episode at http://alexandrajamieson.com/podcasts

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26 Summer Bock - The Untold Story of Gut Health and Self Worth

"The main thing to notice is that you have 3-5 pounds of bacteria living in & on you." Summer Bock.

Come and learn about your bacterial and emotional cravings at http://alexandrajamieson.com/podcasts

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25 Positive Psychology - Forget the Myths & Learn to Listen To Your Body

"Cravings are here to tell you something important." - Alexandra Jamieson. 

Get your free cravings profile and learn all about your cravings at http://alexandrajamieson.com.

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