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20 How to Crave Exercise - Start Moving with Mantras and Erin Stutland

"If you find yourself going left and everybody else is going right, just go left BIG and have fun with it." Erin Stutland.

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19 How Cravings Can Set You Free

"Desire is the fire that lights women up. Living a life of desire means living an artful, heartfelt life." Alexandra Jamieson.

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18 Dr Alan Christianson - Increasing Vitality by Understanding the Science Behind our Adrenals

"If we use good healthy carbs but timed them in the right way, we can help restore our rhythm & restore a proper balance again." - Dr Alan Christianson.

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17 Isabel Foxen Duke - How to make Peace with Your Food and Body

"We are equally obsessed with food as we are trying to restrict it." - Isabel Foxen Duke

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