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Welcome back to the Crave Cast! We are talking about women in Hollywood and the roles of women on the big screen. The way that women are represented in Hollywood in our hyper-social media culture shapes how women are represented in society. Quite frankly, right now women are not represented well in these areas. There is gender pay inequality which came out as a result of a hack of Sony. It was leaked that Jennifer Lawrence made much less than her male co-stars in the same film. She made public statements about this and has learned to be a tougher negotiator on her own behalf. 


Reports show that in 2014, 85% of films had no female directors, 80% of films had no female writers, 78% had no female editors and 92% had no female cinematographer. How can this be? What this means that virtually all of our movie consumption is from the male perspective, from the male point of view, and women are not adequately represented in viewpoint, or in content in the majority the films we watch today.


We want to create a world that is more equal, and we need more women’s voices telling those stories. Women make up only 13% of screenwriters in UK films and only 8% of directors in the UK. So the situation isn’t unique to American culture. It took Pixar 15 years to create a female lead in one of their films. There is only 1 female role for every 3 roles in family films. So yo can see how prevalent the issue is and we need women to be represented in a more balanced way in our popular culture. Women only make up 5% of characters in political power. What does this tell little girls about their future?


Geena Davis is a powerful Hollywood activist on a quest to improve the representation of women on our screens. Today’s interview is with Alysia Reiner. She’s an actress and has the role of Fig in OITNB. She’s also filming Better Things right now, and she plays DA Parks in How to Get Away with Murder. She’s everywhere right now! She’s a producer for Equity, a film that is the first female Wall Street film starring Alysia Reiner. She loves the role of a change maker and she’s committed to helping women have equal representation in film, politics, business and the home. You are going to love this interview with Alysia Reiner.

You can read the full show notes and access all the resources at www.alexandrajamieson.com/96

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