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Hello my Clan of the Crave Bears! I’m so glad you decided to join me today. Today I’m getting real with you, so consider yourself warned. I had an experience recently that I have been waiting to share with you, so today I am taking the opportunity.

I was on Fox News a couple of weeks ago with Dr. Manny. He called my work “horse shit” to my face. Here’s what happened:

  • I sat down with Dr. Manny and I immediately felt like he was not into my opinions
  • I immediately tried to build rapport and I tried to even get him to laugh
  • His final comment to me about cravings was, “That was very entertaining!”
  • I wasn’t there to entertain, because Women’s health issues are so important to me
  • After the segment, I tried to brush off his “entertaining” comment
  • I even got him to agree to take a selfie with me
  • After we took the selfie, he said, “Well, that was all horse shit!”
  • My head was spinning - I knew he would have never said the same thing to a man
  • The female producer who booked the show was shocked to hear this
  • Last year I was on Dr. Oz last year and he could barely contain his eye roll
  • Men believe women are weak, silly and emotional and they dismiss our true needs
  • The dismissive attitudes are exactly what women face everyday 
  • The unexamined gender bias in medicine is killing us
  • I have so many examples of women’s medical disorders being dismissed by health practitioners
  • Need help advocating for yourself? Alex shares tips for being your own best advocate
  • Disrespect for women’s health concerns is rampant

Do you have a story of how you have been treated by a medical professional? I’d love to hear your story. Go to my blog at alexandrajamieson.com/blog and click on the little blue microphone on the right and leave me a message.


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