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Welcome back my clan of the crave bears! Today I will be interviewing Melissa Ambrosini about her new book called “Mastering your Mean Girl: The No-BS Guide to Silencing your Inner Critic and Becoming Wildly Wealthy, Fabulously Healthy and Bursting with Love”. Before we talk about how we beat ourselves up I want to share a little about our inner mean girl and how it comes out on girl on girl and woman on woman bullying. I see it a lot in the media and on social media and talking with Melissa about how we beat ourselves up I think it speaks volumes about our culture and how we are hard on other women. 

Girls bully differently than boys. Generally, you would think that bullying is more physical but girls are much more emotional and strategic about it. They can be quietly kind of vicious. We have this idea that bullies come from abuse or bad homes or have low self-esteem but really bullies have a superior sense of self and they are highly confident in their abilities. So how can we help our kids to not become bullies or stand up against bullies? Staying quiet and being complacent and not saying anything is giving the bully its staying power.

Many people believe that if they step up and confront a bully they will become a target. Bullies don’t like to be confronted. Bullies are about control and stepping in and confronting them it threatens their sense of power. You can try and defuse a bully by trying to joke about something to get the bully’s mind on something else or just act bored. These acts can defuse a bully without being confrontational. We would love to hear your experiences with bullying and how a mean girl experience affected you or someone you love. You can join our free Facebook group at bit.ly/wfdgroup or you can tweet or Instagram me @deliciousalex. Share with us your story, what worked for you, how you stood up to a bully or how it affected you or what you are trying to heal from. This issue is big!

Author, speaker, Australian self-empowerment coach, Melissa Ambrosini believes it is time to silence our inner mean girls. She suffered herself with eating disorders, addiction and relationships she thought she could never leave Melissa’s body broke down. She came out on the other side with a mission to show other young women how to conquer that inner mean girl as she did herself. 

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