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Today on the show I am going to be talking about chewing your food with Robyn Youkillis! Robyn wrote this amazing book called, Go with your Gut, that is half cookbook with vegan and paleo recipes and talks about the connection between your gut and your “gut instinct”. Most people don’t realize that they are not in the moment when they are eating so they just keep eating and eating. Robyn explains that if you just take time to look at what you’re eating, breathe and chew your food until its mush your digestive system or “gut” will be much happier.

At a young age she struggled and had an unhealthy outlook on food. She saw her mother hide food from her dad and then saw her dad sneaking food.  She talks about her ups and downs, “good and bad rollercoaster” journey. She went from eating less junk and losing weight to eating out of boredom and eating the wrong things. She attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and really spent a few years after graduation really trying different healthy foods and trying to find what worked for her in changing her relationship with food.

Listen to the episode and read the full show notes here.

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