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Hello my clan of the crave bears! It’s Alex here with episode number 72! In today’s episode I want to talk about the feeling of overwhelm that I have been experiencing, many of my friends and so many of you my readers and listeners been dealing with. It comes with frustration and anxiety this overwhelm. We are just at the beginning of month two on 2016 and so many people have come to me saying they are so anxious, so stressed out. How is this possible? I am supposed to feel rejuvenated at the beginning of the year. How do I deal with this? Today’s episode is for you if you are dealing with stress, anxiety, overwhelm. 

My guest today is a dear friend: Pedram Shojai the founder of well.org, editor of Be More magazine (that I have appeared in) and is the author of “Rise and Shine” and co-host of the podcast, The Health Bridge, and producer of the movie “Vitality” and the upcoming film “Origins”. Pedram wrote a book that is coming out this week called “The Urban Monk: Eastern wisdom and modern hacks to stop time and find happiness, success and peace”. Pedram has a very interesting life story.

He is trained as a chiropractor, he is also a Taoist priest, a doctor of oriental medicine, he studied kung Fu. He is a fierce global green warrior! He just has all these incredible old school, Jedi, bio hacking tricks. So he really brings together eastern wisdom and modern bio hacking. We will talk about how Pedram sees my theory about the four roots causes of cravings and his perspectives as an eastern, medical expert. And then lastly his book “The Urban Monk” talks about a way to simply and effortlessly integrate the powerful teachings of spiritual masters to modern life. This is not about religion at all! It’s about a connection to spirit! You can get his book this week. It’s destined to be a bestseller! You can go to bit.ly/urbanmonkalex.


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