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If you have issues about the way you think you look- or about the way you think you should look, listen in today, as Alex interviews the dynamic, fierce feminista, Shelah Marie, and discover how you can come to appreciate and enjoy yourself regardless of your physical form.


Shelah is an actress and online personality who is deeply invested in providing high-quality inspirational videos and performances for the stage and screen for the empowerment of all women. Shelah tours independently and produces her own, original work, Flight, which she performs for Black History Month and also Women's History Month. Shelah teaches Yoga and meditation and through her open, dynamic and electric personality and her #curly&curvy movement, she engages a strong online community. She's all about putting herself out there- especially, to women of color, to show: “This is me, this is my body, this is my hair- and I love it!” 

Join Alex and Shelah on today's show and find out how you can learn to love yourself, no matter what!

You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/130

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