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Welcome back my Clan of the Crave Bears! This is episode 113! We got a whole huge crop of great reviews this month. We are so close to 200 reviews! So, if you have a moment drop by iTunes and leave a review. Make sure you put your name on your review so I know who to announce when I pick a winner for the 1000-dollar swag bag! This month’s winner is Jill from MN. I can’t wait for you to send me an email at hello@alexandrajamieson.com or if you are in our free Facebook page at bit.ly/wfdgroup sign up and let me know Jill! If you haven’t joined my contest I have every month go over to iTunes and leave a review and that’s all you have to do.

Today, I’m talking to Ali Shapiro about how to have a truce with food. Ali is a life coach and co-host of the “Insatiable” podcast and a speaker. She combined her training in functional medicine at the institute of integrative medicine and her masters’ degree in organizational dynamics at UPENN to create her “Truce with Food” method while in graduate school. She is also a 24-year cancer survivor! Her “Truce with Food” method is about ending the gymnastics with food that women get exhausted from. It’s about trying to be good with food but not too strict. How do you do this? Ali and I are going to get into that. Ali has an incredible wealth of knowledge. Please enjoy this interview with Ali Shapiro.

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