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Welcome back to The Crave Cast my Clan of the Crave Bears and welcome any new listeners from iHeart Radio! So honored to be added to iHeart Radio. I want to make sure everyone knows two of the greatest things that are going on in my world. I created this three-part series all about cravings: bacterial, nutritional, emotional and physical with some positive psychology sprinkled into the mix. That is up this week until September 9th! Go watch those at bit.ly/3cravevideos and you can also find them at cravecastpod.com. On the 10th the cravings cleanse is opening its doors! This is an 8-week program and I give you live coaching sessions for 8 weeks to help you with your healing and just a delicious cleanse. We are going to be drinking green smoothies and eating real food and I will be there for you twice a week! You can go to cravingscleanse.com on September 10th!

We have our winner for the August swag bag, Stephanie Cahill! I’m so excited to send this enormous box of goodies to you! On top of all the wonderful gifts, you get the special bonus gift from guest author Nancy Lavigne, her book Worthy! You get to join her Worthy program which is worth over 700 dollars!

Up next we have our two listener questions about adulting (not adultery) and cravings. Make sure you stay tuned all the way until the end because these questions are great!

You can read the full show notes and access all the links and resources at www.alexandrajamieson.com/105


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