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What if you knew that your true confidence and power are actually buried in the very parts of you that you have disowned? Today, Alex talks about the insanity in the world that causes you to hide parts of yourself, in order to be acceptable. She points out that this ensures that you remain unfulfilled, miserable and at war with yourself. She explains that there is a path to the woman you crave to become. It's unruly, messy and a bit naughty, and it asks you to trust the parts of you that you have previously disowned and warred against. This is the path of The Feminine Genius. Listen in today and find your inner knowing.

The guest on today's show is LiYana Silver, an incredible, beautiful and smart torch bearer for the world that's coming, in which feminine leadership flourishes. She 's a coach, a teacher and a speaker who supports women to find the full expression of their feminine strengths in their work, love, and lives, through her mentorship, her blog and now also her new book, which Alex assures you is different from anything you've read before. It's about connecting you with the inner knowing of your body and Alex asks you to listen in with an open mind. Join Alex and LiYana today and find out where your true power lies.

You can read the full show notes at www.alexjamieson.com/140.

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