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Are you on the precipice of figuring out what is specifically right for you in your life? Or are you still struggling to get to know who you really are? Either way, you'll gain a lot from this show, as it's all about helping you to find the best version of you. Alex knows that it can be really tough to find your truth in this culture of ours. We all tend to copy others in what they do and sometimes even in their mannerisms, so it becomes pretty hard at times to get clear on what feels right (or wrong) for us. Alex has found that exploring what lights you up and makes you laugh is a really great way to discover who you are, particularly if you're feeling stuck, so today, she invites you to pursue this and find out. She shares a weird and funny little story about John Hodgeman, a super smart and witty writer, comedian and actor, who also has a podcast, called The Judge John Hodgeman Show. Listen in now, to hear her funny story.


Also on the show today, Alex talks to one of her favorite new authors, Stephen Cope about those relationships that have meaning. Stephen, a sweet and lovely man, is a Social Worker and a Scholar in Residence at Kripalu, an incredible Retreat Centre on the East Coast, which is also the largest yoga research institute in the western world. Stephen is a Kripalu Ambassador and he's also the author of some great best-selling books, including Yoga And The Quest For The True Self and The Wisdom Of Yoga. His latest book is called Soul Friends- The Transforming Power Of Deep Human Connection and it looks at relationships and friendships in life and helps you to understand how you become who you are, in relation to your friends. Stephen gives some great historical examples and some personal stories too. Listen in today and find out more about discovering yourself in relationship to other people.

You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/139

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