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Clear. Freedom. Unapologetic Action. Uncommon Skills For Women Who Lead.


From clutter to clarity.

From overwhelm to spaciousness. 

From other people’s priorities running your life to life running by your rules, gracefully.


The most powerful skill driven women master is the power to clear space.


When we claim dominion over our time, we truly, truly, truly get the life we dream about.

The impact. The health. The body. The love. The abundance.


We hide the truth behind our distractions...


It’s behind our addiction to the Container Store…

Maybe if I get these matching cartons and redesign my office, I’ll be more productive.


It’s behind our over-committing to newsletters and podcasts…

If I have more information I’ll finally systematize my life and work to boss-babe level.


It’s the cause of our late-night eating and chugging a bottle of Merlot by ourselves…

The crush of work and family was massive today (and tomorrow!!) - I deserve this. 


A client story, meant to inspire: 


Andrea and I worked together for several months when the crush of mothering, running her online coaching business, and over-commitment to various events lead to a perfect storm of overwhelm:


“I’m tapped out. I am barking at my kids. My husband and I barely speak. I don’t know what next step to take in my business. I’m too distracted and frantic.”


I led her through a clarity exercise which revealed powerful truths, and swept away the stuff that was in the way of her true desires:


Andrea was hiding behind her busy life. 

She filled every moment so as to avoid seeing her truths.


Her truth was that her kids were fine, and didn’t need her constant attention. 

In fact, she saw, they began to thrive when she gave them more space.

Her truth was that her marriage needed more attention, but her overwhelm unconsciously drained her of the energy necessary to get her into couples therapy.

Her truth was that her soul wants her business to evolve into a new style of coaching, and she was afraid to start sharing her new work with clients and friends.


The truth, found in the clear spaces, is that your life is calling you to action.

Unapologetic action.


Saying “no” to the old, overwhelmed schedule requires fierce love and dedication.

Saying “this time is reserved for my soul-level work” requires trust and faith in your worth.

Saying “I’m worth this” means shedding old habits and ways of thinking.


Here’s the truth:


You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.

You can be seen as a helpful person who achieves great things and fiercely protects your soul’s need for space.

You can be a good, considerate woman who puts her priorities above all else.

You can be a reasonable, smart woman who invests in her growth and spiritual needs.

You will get more, better work accomplished when you have more space and peace.


All this requires mastering the uncommon, Creatrix skill of clearing space. 

Clear space in your daily schedule for your needs.

Clear space for your body and soul to speak to you through dance or meditation.

Clear space on your agenda for envisioning, high-level coaching that takes you to the next level of your development.

Clear space in your life for your voice and desires to air out and take action.


By getting clear, Andrea saw her life for what it was: her own.

And in that freedom from distraction, she began to take action. 

Unapologetic action.

And her life began to reflect her truest desires. 

Now that’s power.


Do this today:


Look at your schedule for today. 

Look at the obligations you feel responsible for. 

Choose 2 things to say NO to.

Plan 30 minutes in your calendar for a spacious walk, meditation, nap, or journal session.

Fight the urge to justify your change in plans. 

There is no one to justify this to, except your soul, your truth.


Look at the remaining days of December.

Choose a day to reclaim for yourself.

Envision the perfect babysitter for the kids, or that your husband willingly takes them for 6 full hours of fun.

Turn off your social media.

Put away your phone. 

What will you do with this space?

What will you gain from this blank time?

What fears or worries start to appear when you have clear time for truth to arise?


My own work as a mentor, coach, and writer have evolved by leaps and bounds in the last year, but it required a fierce dedication to creating space.


Space for truth to arise.

Clearing away lies that repeat, like “you’re not good enough.”


I invite you to clear your space today, NAME.


Write me back - just hit reply:

How will you claim your space now?

What do you suspect you will find in the space?

And finally, how will your life be better in 1 year when you dedicate yourself to protecting your space?


(I, and only I, read your replies. And yes, I read every single one :)



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