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Would you like to learn how to talk about sex with your kids? And would you like to be able to have the conversation in a calm, open and educational tone?  This is something that a lot of parents really struggle with, even though they may be educated and open about sex in general. Today's show is a special edition, after the very first live event of Her Rules Radio, where Alex recorded an incredible panel discussion, in Brooklyn, New York City, titled Sex 101 For Parents. The two Sex Experts and Educators on the panel were Mal Harrison and Ekem Merchant. Listen in and find out how to talk to your kids in a way that will prepare them and let them know that sex does matter, but without putting too much judgment on it.


Mal Harrison is the founder of The Centre For Erotic Intelligence. She's a Clinical Sexologist and Coach, who has an amazing Ted Talk and she's also spoken around the world. She creates programs all over the country to help people to get right with sexuality and to be able to talk about it


Ekem has been working in Public Health for twenty years, with a focus on Adolescent and Women's Health and Community Health Centre training directly in schools- even at Alex's son's school. People tend to swarm to her with questions when they find out what she does, but she loves talking about it, so it's great!


Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest provider of sex education, reaching a million and a half people per year! They and the schools rely on the parents to be the backup at home and to help the kids to integrate what they are supposedly learning in schools. However, not all kids are getting the same education and this results in people learning so many different aspects and information about sex. 


A few days ago, after the Bill Cosby trial had been dismissed, one of the jurors said that because one woman went to his house wearing a top which revealed her bare midriff, it implied consent. Alex nearly lost her mind when she heard that, as she sees that as rape culture at its worst! Rape culture blames the victim for enticing their rapist! This is why parents really need to learn to talk with their children about sex right now! Parents need to teach them that no matter what someone is wearing, you are not allowed to touch them without their consent and that you also need to listen to them during sexual or intimate activities. They need to know that no one has the right to cross your boundaries, abuse you or rape you because you're wearing revealing clothing.  This is why this topic is really so important. Alex points out that when you allow your children to believe that women are to blame for their rape, it leads to people becoming jury members later on, who uphold this sexual culture that makes either women or men who are the victims, blameworthy. Listen in now, to hear the panel discussion and to get some much-needed support around this really important issue.

You can read the full show notes at www.alexandrajamieson.com/147

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